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With the belief that every Jewish person can make a difference, we took on the project of spreading Torah to the world. One webpage led to two webpages, three pages to four. Now we can't even count our Torah webpages online as there are well over fifthteen!

Rochel and I met over about 3 years ago via my Shadchan and friend Mrs. Bitman. It was difficult finding my perfect match and I went from matchmaker to matchmaker only to come up empty until finally the moment came. While waiting for her, I figured, why not help everyone else find their basheret so I created A FRUM SHIDDUCH DATABASE! (now replaced by www.frumdate.com )  We have had already over 30 marriages (could be close to 70 now) and two babies:) This wasn't my first website though, the first one I made was the Awesome Litvish Chassid Torah Bayis. Wow, was that a long time ago. I can't believe it has been so long that I have had webpages online!

So how did it all start? I was in the Jewishchicago website talking to my friend Marvin, the webmaster giving him some feedback on how he could add some Torah pages. He responded by offering me webspace to do it myself. The next thing I knew, I was creating my first pages. 

Rochel and I have a great love for music. I remember back when I was a little boy singing the Zemiros, songs at the Shabbos table with family and friends. My dream was to be a Cantor. Well I haven't gotten there yet but in the mean time, Rochel and I have completed our first music CD, KAVANOS HALEV, Meditations of the Heart! Rochel is completely self taught in the piano and she composes her own new age style pieces. I also write my own music but with a Chassidish style of sound. Our CD combines our talents into one and is an asset to anyone's music library. We are currently working on an all new CD as we have upgraded to more advanced Studio equipment. 

While Rochel is at home taking care of our son, I am busy writing my new Sefer, book, Kavanos Halev. Never did I know that writing a book was so much work, but after months of work, it is almost completed. I want so much to help people come close to Hashem and therefore this book is written with a lot of love for my fellow Jews. It can be read online for the time being till I find a publisher. Artscroll, Feldheim, Mozanim, Breslov, CIS, any interest?

Do you know how many Jewish neshamos, souls are looking for spirituality online? Thousands of people are seeking out the Torah and Mitzvos for the first time. They have a quest to understand their roots as Jews. Happy are they and how good will be their portion! With this in mind, I created the website, Queen Shabbos Online. A website all about Shabbos. Our day of rest is truly splendid and it is one of the first things to share with those lost from their roots in Judaism.    

I have to admit, I really, really love kids. Therefore, I created the Jewish Children Torah Website. The kids love it and that means a lot to me. It is fun to help the kids but we adults need someone to be there for them as well. That is why I created the Jewish Help Website. 

It is a big Mitzvah to be a part to help others learn Torah, therefore I thought it was necessary to create a Torah Forum called the Jewish Torah Discussion Boards. It has all kinds of categories for people to discuss Judaism and Torah. 

Technology has become so advanced that a webmaster like myself can now place videos online. What a great way to teach Torah I decided so I created My Torah Video Lesson's online. I have had great feedback Boruch Hashem from people who have enjoyed my Torah lessons from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. 

Using this same technology of Real Media I placed the first Orthodox Jewish Wedding online. After pushing Rochel my wife, she agreed to have our wedding video online to be viewed by thousands. Boruch Hashem she has forgotten all about giving me permission and you can enjoy it with your real video player;) A few years ago, I placed online some pictures of myself when I was growing up. Just in case you are wondering, before I made web pages, I used to show my artistic photography in galleries.

About a year ago, we took the big plung and make aliyah to Israel, moving to the holy city of Tzfat, Safed, Tzfas, Tsfas, Tsfat, however you want to spell it. Recently, we have begun organizing a new Yeshiva here in Tzfat called, Yeshiva Torah Lishmah Shlomo. It hasn't opened yet but we hope to within the year should we have the funds.

As I said before, one webpage led to another and now there are too many to count. Therefore, I ask you to visit my main webpage below. 

As you know running all of these websites takes countless hours.  And unfortunately they also take funding which I myself can not afford. If you enjoy my websites and wish to help keep them running a

donation would be greatly appreciated.  We enjoy bringing Torah to the world and wish to continue in our efforts.  Thank  you for your time and we hope to hear from you.

By the way, if you need an extra smile today, remember Hashem blessed you with 613 Mitzvos that only a Yid can do! If only, Hashem would bring Moshiach soon! I would like to Thank my father Shlomo Zavel ben Yakkov z'l for being such a great DAd. Every web page and word of Torah online I dedicate to HIm that his neshamah should have an Aliyah. AMEN!



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